Operators: Does Your Drilling Contractor Make the Grade?

Uploaded by TrigPoint Solutions on 2015-06-19.

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Effective Remote Workforce and Asset Management is Absolutely Vital. The bottom line is, you’re in business to maximize profits. The biggest profit killer for companies with remote worksites are the lack of a defined asset and workforce management strategy. The key to recovering those lost opportunities is in creating an infrastructure to track, manage and measure. We have a combined 40 years dedicated to hunting down inefficiencies in company processes that are losing you time, money, and resources. Call us now to see how easy it can be to start increasing profits and productivity.

Are you protecting your business from profit killers?

There are 9 elements you have to manage for your business to succeed. If you have Remote Assets and a Remote Workforce, then you need to watch this video. Profit killers are areas of your business that can sneak in over time and erode profit centers.

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PROMPTT® is one of our aces in the hole.
-Paul Mosvold, President & COO

After deploying PROMPTT® in October 2013, Scandrill Inc., a Houston-based drilling contractor, saw its average NPT percentage drop by 30%. After a year, Scandrill saw over $500,000 a year in savings.


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[May 19th, 2015] Denver, CO – TrigPoint Solutions (, a leading technology provider in the oil & gas industry, announced the release of PROMPTT® 5.0.

The release gives its tablet users access to the Checklists and Safety applications, along with an improved user interface and feature upgrades

TrigPoint, which plans to expand PROMPTT® to include multiple operating systems, utilizes Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, mobile technology, and extensive back-end applications to provide asset management and operations solutions in the field.

“Having access to key PROMPTT® applications on a tablet gives greater flexibility based on user preference,” says Greg Slater, President of TrigPo...

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Let’s talk about key “consumable” assets that you’re probably not managing very well –the hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of inventory you have laying around.

Let’s be honest for a moment.

  • Can you see, from any remote location, all of your consumable inventory data?

  • Do you know what supply threshold should trigger re-orders?

  • Can you automate and integrate inventory management with the rest of your workflow?

PROMPTT® ensures continuous communication from the office to the field. Our new Inventory Management module further extends the lifecycle of your assets, reduces unnecessary paperwork, and streamlines processes to keep your rig running smoothly.

So, what will integrating Inventory with your other applications do for your team?

  • Allows you to manage individual and bulk items

  • Creates a central inventory catalog

  • Ensures consistent, accurate and up-to-date inventory information

  • Enables you to create a purchasing plan that will ensure that items are available when they are needed (but that neither too much nor too little is purchased)

  • Keeps track of existing inventory and it use

  • Allows the “just-in-time” implementation of inventory-management, where companies plan to receive items as they are needed rather than maintaining high inventory levels

  • Highlights needs in advanced materials requirement planning (scheduling material deliveries based on use forecasts)

  • Volatile and unpredictable markets can lead to quick changes and uncertainty. More than ever, shareholders are demanding efficiency.

PROMPTT® users are saving $100,000 per rig per year in downtime costs. Imagine how much more efficient operations would be if your supply chain management was truly opti...

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This article originally appeared on OilPro. You can view it here.

On January 28, 1986, the Space Shuttle Challenger broke apart 73 seconds after liftoff, claiming the lives of all seven crewmembers, costing over $5.5 billion in damage and becoming one of the most expensive catastrophes in American history.

Out of 135 shuttle missions flown by five spacecraft, two orbiters were destroyed (theChallenger in 1986 and the Columbia in 2003) and 14 lives were lost. That’s a mission completion rate of 98.5 percent, but a vehicle failure rate of 40 percent.


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Analytics Tool Forecasts Rig NPT with 90% Accuracy – Then Tells You How to Eliminate It

TrigPoint Solutions (, a leader in O&G technology solutions, has announced the release of RIGIQ®, a prescriptive analytics software designed to eliminate NPT.

RIGIQ® analyzes well, operations and performance data to highlight trends, patterns, and important KPIs in order to provide context for future actions. For current TrigPoint customers, it integrates seamlessly with PROMPTT®, the company’s asset management and operations platform.

“We’ve been able to statistically prove the correlation between work performance on rigs and NPT,” says Greg Slater, President of TrigPoint Solutions. “By ...

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