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We are experts in helping you find and maintain profits when:

  • Your assets and workforce are interconnected, working hand-in-hand.

  • Your assets need on-going attention, and your workforce relies on your assets to do their job.

  • Your asset & workforce management strategies MUST BE in sync.

  • You need to ensure an efficient, productive and profitable business.


Placement: The first step in effective asset management is making sure you know where all your assets are, and that they are in the right place at the right time.

Performance: You need to ensure that you get the most out of your assets, and they deliver the value as expected (intended), that they perform to their maximum capability and that your assets sweat.

Reliability: You need to make sure that your assets don’t breakdown or fail, mainly when you need them most that you don’t spend too much on your assets and that they are not too costly to run. You also need to ensure your assets retain their warranty and certification.

Longevity: You need to make sure that your asset last, that you don’t need to replace them continually and that your maximize and extend their useful life.


Attendance: Make sure that you capture when your employees report for work, that you have the right workers working in the right place or right the right project, and that you accurately capture the hours they work.

Knowledge: Make sure your employees have the right training, knowledge and tools to do their work effectively.

Productivity: Make sure your employees are not wasting their time with unnecessary work.

Compliance: Make sure that whatever your employees have to do they are doing correctly and in compliance with your rule and regulations or State mandates.

Safety: Make sure your employees are safe and avoid injury.

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