Eliminate Downtime with RIGIQ®

Advanced Data Analytics

RIGIQ® can predict with 90% accuracy when downtime will occur – and then tell you how to prevent it.

✓ Manage Operations
RIGIQ® monitors all of your PROMPTT® data and reports trends and history across all rigs, so that you can immediately spot which workflow processes or maintenance plans need attention.

✓ Analyze Patterns
Do you know which rigs have the highest compliance, or which components require the most work orders? RIGIQ® does. Key operations data is analyzed so that you can see deficiencies and downtime triggers.

✓ Predict Likely Outcomes
You might have educated guesses as to what could reduce your downtime, but RIGIQ® predicts it with 90% accuracy. From non-compliant teams to expired tasks, RIGIQ® predicts which specific variables will have the most impact on downtime and when it will occur.

✓ Optimize for a Better Future
RIGIQ® goes beyond prediction – it will also tell you what specific variables – be they individuals, teams, maintenance plans, rig types, or processes – you need to change to create the best possible outcome.

By analyzing the right data, drilling and service contractors can create smarter, safer, and more efficient operating procedures.

Download the RIGIQ Brochure.
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