Could You Use a Few Extra Million?

By The Numbers

Our clients are saving millions in operational and downtime costs.



One client saved $1,780 for each hour of eliminated downtime

“With PROMPTT, we reduced our downtime by 40% over two years. Now RIGIQ is showing us how to take our unplanned downtime to zero.”

– Client with 19 deployed rigs.


$1,780 Saved for every hour of NPT eliminated X 2,008 eliminated doentime hours = $3.7 MILLION

Increased Efficiency

It’s not just downtime costs. Digitizing standardized operations has been proven to reduce expenses across the board.

Safety Compliance 

Average Savings in worker's Comp Claims


 Liability Exposure

Average Savings in Administration Costs





Reduced maintenance and failure costs by 25 %



Administration efficiency increased by 50%



PROMPTT users reduced rig downtime by 40 %


Eliminated annual asset losses by 8%

A Few of Our Clients

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